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Modern Nails & Spa is a local-owned family business aimed to offer all our clients extensive range of services to help you make your nails look better, hence make you feel better. Look good, feel good!


Modern Nails & Spa was first founded in early 2000s by Charlie and Tina Nguyen. Their passion for dance made them leave to Texas, and left this business to Maria and Carlos, in order to pursue their dreams in teaching dance (salsa and tango). The salon was located in College Square Mall until 2015. This family-salon business relocated to Waterloo, IA.


Modern Nails & Spa is dedicated and focused on quality over quantity. We take pride in a clean environment, and we take our time to ensure you leave with a smile and beautiful nails.

Maria Ngoc Tat

Maria Ngoc Tat

A mother of two, Maria may have an OCD for cleaning and keeping things neat. She's very skilled at removing ingrown nails and provides exceptional manicure and pedicure services.

Carlos Tran

Carlos Tran

Before this profession, Carlos was a chef for 10 years at a Chinese restaurant back in Stockholm, Sweden. His cooking skills will leave your mouth watery. He is very skilled with SNS dipping powder, full-sets and fill-ins.


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